Croatia - With 1,778 km of coast and more than a thousand islands, Croatia is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. Croatia is a rare combination of natural beauty, cultural treasures, ancient architecture and folk tradition. The wavy green hills of the north, the mountains of the south, emerald blue waters, medieval towns, numerous remains of diverse cultures represent only a part of Croatia's fantastic offer.

Certainly all the attention of the visitor is dedicated to the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Beautiful beaches, cleanliness, excellent accommodation capacities, great spending are all the arguments for visiting the coast of Croatia. And here you can find something for everyone. From the indescribable beauty of the world's tourist destination of Dubrovnik, an elite holiday on Hvar is just above the world's jet-set, the splendid nightlife of ancient Split, the elegance of Istria to small towns, fishing villages, unspoiled bays and small islands.

Nevertheless, it is unjustifiably neglected continental Croatia that provides untouched natural beauty such as Plitvice Lakes. The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is also the cultural capital of the country with great cultural offer, nightlife and beautiful architecture.

The indispensable part of the visit is a gastronomic offer. Fantastic cuisine based on traditional recipes, seafood, some of the best olive oil and wine in the world waiting for you.

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Istanbul Uporedi

Evropski gradovi


  Istanbul, Turska, Turska

Termin: 16. septembar| 3 noćenja (6 dana) ISTANBUL -PLAVA DŽAMIJA - AJA SOFIJA - TOPKAPI PALATA - HIPODROM - PRINČEVSKA...
3 noćenja
Cena od:
Cena: 99.00€ 3 noćenja

Neum Uporedi

Evropski gradovi


  Neum, Bosna, Bosna i Hercegovina

Termin: 18. septembar | 1 noćenje (4 dana) NEUM SA POSETOM MOSTARU Cena: 69€ (LAST minute cena)  Pogledajte ponudu ...
1 noćenje
Cena od:
Cena: 69.00€ 1 noćenje
EXTRA ponuda!


  Hurgada, Egipat, Egipat

Više termina do kraja novembra | 6, 9, 10 ili 13 noći Albatros Aqua Park Resort 4* Cena: već od 1475€ (Avio takse urač...
6, 9, 10 ili 13 noći
Cena od:
Cena: 475.00€ 6, 9, 10 ili 13 noći
Evropski gradovi


  Kuršumlija, Centralna Srbija, Srbija

Termin: 11. jul| 1 noćenje (2 dana) Beograd - Kuršumlija - Đavolja Varoš - Kopaonik - Vrnjačka banja Cena: 4.990 DIN (...
1 noćenje
Cena od:
Cena: 42.00€ 1 noćenje

Budimpešta Uporedi

Evropski gradovi


  Budimpešta, Mađarska, Mađarska

Termin: 23.07., 13.08., 10.09. i drugi termini | 4 dana (2 noćenja) Cena: 85€ (Specijalna cena!)  99€ (redovna cena) P...
2 noćenja
Cena od:
Cena: 85.00€ 2 noćenja

Dubai Uporedi

Popust 100€ po osobi!
Daleke destinacije


  Dubai, Ujedinjeni Arapski Emirati, Ujedinjeni Arapski Emirati

Termin: 09.12. i drugi termini| 4, 5, 7 ili 9  noćenja Cena: već od 499€ (u cenu po osobi uračunat avionski prevoz, tra...
4, 5, 7 ili 9 noćenja
Cena od:
Cena: 499.00€ 4, 5, 7 ili 9 noćenja

Istanbul Uporedi

EXTRA ponuda!
Evropski gradovi


  Istanbul, Turska, Turska

Termin: 08. oktobar | 2 noćenja (5 dana) Hotel Sahinler 3* Cena: 79€ (Specijalna FIRST MINUTE ponuda!)  Pogledajte po...
2 noćenja
Cena od:
Cena: 79.00€ 2 noćenja

Segedin Uporedi

Evropski gradovi


  Segedin, Mađarska, Mađarska

Termin:  21., 28. septembar i drugi termini | jednodnevno Cena: 1590,00 DIN (specijalna cena) 1340,00 DIN (deca do 12 g...
1590,00 DIN
Cena od:
Cena: 13.00€ 1590,00 DIN

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